Use This 14K Scrap Gold Price Calculator to Find Out How Much You Can Make

  • Scrap gold refers to any gold items with small amounts of gold content.
  • These items can be bought and sold at scrap gold dealers.
  • Scrap gold is available in many forms, including gold coins, gold jewelry, and even gold teeth.

Gold scrap prices fluctuate widely depending on the day and the time of year, so you will need to gather some information on the gold scrap market before determining how much you can expect to make. There are about 14,000 scrap gold dealers in the U.S., and many of them operate online.

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Spot Gold Price vs. 14K Scrap Gold Price Calculator

The 14K scrap gold price calculator above is a great resource for investors, jewelers, and jeweler suppliers. This calculator shows the price of the spot price of gold per ounce ($1,309.70 as of September 11, 2021). The 14K gold price calculator displays a percentage (in parentheses) that represents how much 14K gold is worth per ounce of the spot gold price.

How the 14K Scrap Gold Price Calculator Works

The calculator provides a way to see how much a scrap gold dealer will pay you for your scrap gold.
Although this is a ballpark estimate, it can be a useful tool to get an estimate of the value of your scrap gold.
(Note that the scrap gold price calculator does not include refining fees or other costs.)

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14k scrap gold price calculator

Scrap Gold Price vs. 14K Scrap Gold Price Calculator

As the price of gold fluctuates, the scrap gold price fluctuates as well. To calculate the scrap gold price, you can multiply the price of gold by the current weight of gold per ounce. For example, the 14K gold price on April 12, 2021 was $1,573.40 per ounce, while the current weight of 14K gold was 10.55 grams.

How the Scrap Gold Price Calculator Works

Let's assume you have a 14K gold ring and you want to get its value. If you enter 14k into the field "weight of gold in troy ounces," you'll get a scrap gold price of $1,270.75. From there, the price will update depending on the amount of gold you have.

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The Bottom Line

Scrap gold is gold that is melted down to make new jewelry. The price per gram fluctuates based on the demand for gold in the United States and around the world. It's important to know the market price of gold per ounce and per gram in order to determine the profit you can make on the gold you sell.