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  • Annuities are an insurance product designed to provide income for a specified period of years.
  • An annuity is a contract between an individual and a financial institution.
  • The financial institution agrees to make periodic payments to the individual for an agreed period of time.

An annuity is a contract between an individual and a financial institution. The financial institution agrees to make periodic payments to the individual for an agreed period of time. This security is known as a fixed annuity.
An annuity is an insurance product designed to provide income for a specified period of years. An annuity can be purchased as a single-premium contract or as a series of payments.

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Pros Explained

- GATOR is an annuity quoting system from AXA Equitable.
- GATOR is a web-based quoting system that helps financial advisors and brokers analyze client data, generate annuity quotes, and propose annuity products.
- GATOR provides annuity quotes from all major carriers, and quotes can be automatically retrieved.
- GATOR provides quotes for fixed, fixed indexed, and variable annuities.
- GATOR does not sell annuities.
- GATOR provides free annuity quotes, as well as additional premium-based services for premium clients.
- GATOR provides state-specific and federal product tables that help advisors understand annuity products.
- GATOR provides annuity illustrations.
- GATOR provides state-specific tax and product tables to help advisors understand annuities.
- GATOR provides retirement planning and asset allocation tools that help advisors analyze client data and recommend appropriate annuities to their clients.
- GATOR provides tools that help advisors generate client proposals using AXA Equitable proprietary illustrations.
- GATOR provides tools that help advisors manage client proposals and track annuity sales.

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Cons Explained
- GATOR is only available through AXA Equitable.
- GATOR is free to use, but premium clients receive additional premium services.
- GATOR requires U.S. residency.
- GATOR is only available in English.
- GATOR is an online system only.

Cons Explained

Even though GATOR has excellent ratings from most annuity shoppers, there are a few things to consider. First, because GATOR is a brokerage, it's subject to the same fees as all other brokerages. Fees for annuities through GATOR may go up to 9% per year. Other fees such as surrender charges also apply.
GATOR also doesn't offer immediate annuities. If you need a short-term annuity, GATOR isn't the medium for you. Finally, GATOR can only sell you annuities from a handful of companies.

Available Formats

GATOR is an online, subscription-based annuity comparison service. Subscribers get unlimited access to GATOR's comprehensive annuity comparison tool, the Savings Comparison Tool and The Income Comparison Tool.
GATOR offers a free trial membership.
GATOR's primary language is English.
GATOR's site is accessible to all users, regardless of technical ability.

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The annuity GATOR reviews should be based on the price of the annuity. The rates of annuity GATOR may vary from one insurance company to another. Some of them may charge more for their services than other companies. However, the annuity GATOR reviews are to be based on the price of the annuity.

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Free Trial Period

While shopping around for the best annuity reviews, consider any free trial periods or trials where you can find out if it's the right annuity for you before buying.
Free enrollment periods, cash back offers, and money-back guarantees are common with annuities. You can also find trial periods offered by insurance companies or brokers.

annuity gator reviews

Pros: Great Library of Specialized Tools

The Gator website contains an enormous database of resources, tools, and calculators that you can use as an investor or financial advisor. Its database includes more than 4.5 million financial and business documents that can be downloaded for free, including public documents like annual reports, shareholders' letters, and SEC filings, and business documents like financial statements, business plans, and loan agreements. Other resources include stock-rating tools, dividend charts, and industry data.

Cons: Limited Investment Tools
Gator lacks many of the analytical tools that stock research brokers provide. The most basic stock-charting tools are all that you need to keep an eye on your ETFs, stocks, and other securities. You can also build watch lists, track the fundamentals of your securities, and download historical stock quotes.

Cons: Not for Beginners

Pros: Flexibility with Payouts and Withdrawals

GATOR offers three different types of annuities: fixed, lifetime, and indexed. With a fixed annuity, you choose the amount and payout schedule, and you can choose whether to lock in for a specified amount of time, or for as long as you live (an immediate annuity). With a GATOR lifetime annuity, you choose how much you want to receive every month, and the duration of the payout. Finally, with an indexed annuity, you receive a payout based on the performance of a stock market index (like the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA)), and you choose the duration.

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Many investors assume that annuities are only for retired people. Actually, an annuity is useful for anyone concerned about making their money last. Unlike a 401(k) or other investment, an annuity guarantees income for life, even if you become disabled or can't work.