The Best Gold Affiliate Programs

  • Gold can be a valuable investment when held as a tangible asset.
  • Gold can be a good investment when held as a tangible asset.
  • Gold prices have risen over 400% in the past decade, and while this volatility makes it a risky investment, it has still proven to be a valuable hedge against inflation.

Although gold prices have appreciated more than 400% in the past decade, investors should still consider gold investments. Although gold is a hedge against market uncertainties and inflation, it is volatile and volatile investment vehicles are not for everyone.
If you're looking to diversify your portfolio with gold, gold affiliate programs offer a great opportunity to purchase gold at discounted prices. Unlike most investments, gold can be held safely in physical form, which makes it a valuable and more tangible asset to keep in your portfolio.

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Gold Trading and Investing

Gold is a globally recognized precious metal that is considered to be a store of value and a safe haven asset. Gold remains a popular choice among investors who want to protect their wealth or diversify their portfolios.
Gold trading and investing is lucrative because it offers investors several advantages, such as a low correlation with other major asset classes and negligible entry and exit costs. One of the biggest advantages of gold trading and investing is the low amount of leverage that is available through options trading.
The Gold Investing Summit
The Gold Investing Summit is an educational conference hosted by Casey Research. The Gold Investing Summit is a three-day event that brings together 1500 attendees, including professional investors and traders, academics, and industry insiders. The 2020 Gold Investing Summit will feature panel discussions, presentations, and one-on-one interviews with leading industry analysts.
Conference attendees will hear from experts about gold's move in 2020 and what to expect in 2021. The 2021 Gold Investing Summit will be held from April 22-24, 2021.

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Gold Bullion

Gold Bullion offers competitive rates, with $75 to $400 payouts for every sale. The affiliate link contains a 40% revenue share.
Perishable Press
Perishable Press pays up to 50% commission for its affiliates. The site has a 30-day cookie and pays via PayPal.
Regal Assets
Regal Assets offers one of the highest payouts in the gold industry: $300 per sale. Affiliates receive 30% commission, and Regal Assets uses a 30-day cookie.
Gold-Eagle pays $180 to $210 for every sale, depending on product type. Affiliates receive 35% commission, and the site uses a 30-day cookie.
Other well-known gold affiliate programs include:
Bullion Vault
Golden Eagle Coins
Money Metals

Gold Bullion and Coin

Gold Bullion and Coin offers a two-tier affiliate structure. The first tier pays a 3% commission on all sales. The second tier pays a 15% commission on all sales over $15,000. The site also offers additional internal bonuses to help you reach your commission goals.

Gold Trading

From its humble start in 2001, Tocqueville Gold is a firm that has grown into one of the leading gold brokerage firms in the United States. In 2021, the company acquired Coin Pronto, making it one half of Gold Trading, Inc. (GTI), which is one of the nation's largest online precious metal companies.
Tocqueville Gold offers its affiliates a two-tier commission structure with affiliate payouts ranging from 3% to 10%. Affiliates who refer clients to Tocqueville Gold also receive additional bonuses.
Affiliates can also earn residual income by referring traders to the GTI third-party site, which is operated by Coin Pronto.

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Gold Jewelry

Gold bars are a no-frills way to invest in gold. Buying gold bars is a straightforward process, and you can find them online and in stores. Gold bars are held securely at the location you purchase them from.
Gold jewelry, such as rings, bracelets, necklaces, and pendants, are a popular way to invest in gold. Gold jewelry is an investment that can be worn or used.
Physical gold is tangible and can hold its value. However, keep in mind that gold jewelry and bars are a tangible asset that can lose value.

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Gold Jewelry and Accessories

1. Karatbars International
Karatbars International is one of the best gold affiliate programs for several reasons. First, the company offers not only a gold affiliate program, but also an online shopping mall, allowing you to sell several different types of products. Second, it accepts affiliates from around the world, meaning that you can get paid in several different currencies.
Third, the commissions are competitive, ranging from 25% to 40%.
Fourth, the payout options are quite generous, allowing you to get paid through PayPal, bank transfer, check, or direct deposit.
Fifth, the company offers its affiliates a host of marketing materials and tools, including banners, text links, and e-mail marketing.

Other Gold-Related Products

Gold is unquestionably a popular precious metal, but that doesn't mean that you can't promote other precious metals and related investment vehicles. For example, you could promote numismatic coins, which are coins minted and sold for their collectible, rather than their monetary value.
Gold ETFs
Gold ETFs are exchange-traded funds (ETFs) that track the price of gold. You can promote gold ETFs as stable investment vehicles that will protect investors' capital in volatile markets.
Gold Bullion
Gold bullion is gold itself, which is valuable in both its physical form and as an investment vehicle. You can promote gold bullion as an investment vehicle, and you can earn commissions from customers who buy gold bullion.
Gold-Related Services
Gold-related services and business such as gold storage services, gold refineries and coin shops are also good options for gold-related affiliate programs.

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Gold Investors

Gold Investors is a unique affiliate program that features a two-tier program. The first tier consists of all affiliate partners who refer new visitors to Gold Investors. When a visitor clicks on a banner, they are sent directly to the Gold Investors website. If a visitor decides to sign up for Gold Investors, the affiliate partner can earn a commission of $25 for each subscriber they refer.
The second tier consists of all affiliate partners who refer new subscribers to Gold Investors. When a visitor clicks on a banner, they are sent directly to the Gold Investors website. If a visitor decides to sign up for Gold Investors, the affiliate partner can earn a commission of $100 for each subscriber they refer.

best gold affiliate programs

Gold Bullion Services

Gold Bullion Services' affiliate program allows you to earn up to 40% on each sale you make. The program offers a variety of ad banners, text links, and marketing materials to help you effectively market your referrals. The affiliate program also provides exclusive affiliate offers, automatic reports on sales, and 24/7 commissions.

Gold IRA: Should You Open One To Save For Retirement?

Gold IRAs

Gold and Silver IRAs: Gold-and-silver-backed IRAs are an option for investors who want to include any physical metals in their retirement portfolios. These retirement accounts can provide diversification to an investor's retirement portfolio, but the regulations surrounding them vary based on the type of IRA and custodian.
Gold IRAs are one of the most popular ways to buy gold. However, the regulations are different depending on the custodian. The two main options are a physical gold IRA through a coin dealer and a self-directed IRA, which allows you to purchase gold and other tangible assets from a wide range of providers.
Gold and Silver IRAs