The Best Gold IRA Company of 2023

  • Gold IRA companies store the gold in secure vaults.
  • Birch Gold Group offers 0.75% for Gold IRA accounts, with a minimum fee of $1,000.
  • Gold IRA companies are companies that act as custodians of precious metals investments.

Gold has been a popular option for investors for decades. The precious metal has stood the test of time and has also maintained its value, making it a sound investment option. Gold IRA companies provide a way for investors to buy gold without having to actually store the gold themselves.

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Top Gold IRA Companies of 2023

1. Gold Bullion Reserve
2. Gold Bullion International
3. Regal Assets

U.S. News and World Report ranks the Gold Bullion International as the best gold IRA company of 2023. The company's founder, Joe Foster, started Gold Bullion International as a precious metals dealer in 2010. BPI's gold IRAs allow investors to purchase, store, and invest precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. Gold Bullion International offers a high level of transparency, and offers free, no-commitment consultations.

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1. Western Gold & Silver
Western Gold & Silver is a trusted name in the precious metals industry. Their headquarters are located in San Diego, California. The company offers gold, silver, platinum, coin, and bullion trading, IRAs, and bullion storage.

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Fees can vary greatly from one company to the next. Some charge a percentage of the value of the gold in your IRA, while others charge a flat, monthly fee.
Goldco Precious Metals charges a 1% annual fee for its gold IRA.
Other companies charge a monthly fee, either based on account size, or as a percentage of the value of your gold. A flat annual fee usually works out to be less expensive, since the value of your gold grows over time.

Customer Service

Goldco Precious Metals has an excellent reputation for its customer service. The company has more than 30,000 clients, and that number is increasing. The company's staff is friendly and always willing to go the extra mile to ensure that customers are satisfied.

Types of Gold IRA Accounts

The options available for investors wanting to invest in gold with an IRA account are as varied as the number of IRA custodians out there. Two of the most common types of accounts are the gold IRA rollover and traditional IRA.
A rollover allows you to convert an existing retirement account, such as a 401(k), or the traditional IRA into a gold IRA. The custodian of the account then stores the gold and gold bars for you. Rollovers typically take between 30 and 60 days to complete.
Gold IRAs allow you to buy gold and gold bars without paying taxes on the gains. With a gold IRA, your decision to invest in gold is your decision alone. You can't be deterred by employers' investment policy.

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Gold IRA: Should You Open One To Save For Retirement?

The Bottom Line

With the popularity of gold as a safe-haven asset and its value as a hedge against inflation, more and more investors are putting their hard-earned dollars into the precious metal. If you have decided that you want to invest in gold, you may want to explore a gold IRA.