Bullion Shark Reviews: Make Sure It's Right for You

  • The Bullion Shark trading system was developed by Robert Miner, who trades precious metals full-time.
  • The system is manual and trades 13 different metal futures contracts.
  • The gold standard is a monetary system under which currency-issuing governments back their currency with gold reserves, rather than relying on value or the faith of that currency.

Bullion Shark is a trading system that trades gold, silver, and platinum. It was developed by Robert Miner, a self-described "gold bug" who fancies himself a contrarian and market forecaster, and who now trades precious metals full-time.
The system, which Miner says has been in "production" since 2005, is manual and draws from Miner's analysis of various technical indicators, including Fibonacci retracement levels, moving averages, stochastic oscillators, and trading volumes. Miner says that his system, which trades 13 different metal futures contracts, has generated an average return of approximately 20% annually since its inception.

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Bullion Shark Overview

Bullion Shark is a precious metals trading platform that is based in the United Kingdom. This trading platform is geared towards novice traders and seasoned investors alike. It offers a user-friendly experience, with dedicated live support and a FAQ section.

Pros Explained

Bullion Shark seems like a great program to help people get gold investments. There are helpful videos, a support team, and a ton of information about gold and how it works.
Cons Explained
The cons of Bullion Shark are that it's not for beginners. There is a lot of information in the videos and materials. There is a lot of information to digest, and it's a bit overwhelming. You can really get a lot out of Bullion Shark if you take the time to really listen and take notes, or watch multiple videos.

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Cons Explained

The Robo-advisor platform is still relatively new, and given its novelty, it's not always clear which types of investors will best benefit from it.
Unlike more established traditional wealth management services, Bullion Shark does not offer a full range of investment options and products.

Available Bullion Shark Packages

Bullion Shark offers three membership levels, including:
Starter: $99 per month.

Investor: $299 per month.

Trader: $599 per month.

The Starter package, which costs $99 per month, includes 24/7 access to live trade calls, market timing, and market alerts. The Investor package, which costs $299 per month, offers 24/7 access to live trade calls, market timing, market alerts, and fundamental analysis. The Trader package, which costs $599 per month, includes 24/7 access to live trade calls, market timing, market alerts, fundamental analysis, and trader support.

What is the maximum purchase amount per trade?

There is a minimum purchase of $3,000 per trade, and a maximum of $10,000 per trade.
Is there a minimum deposit amount?
There is a $200 minimum deposit.

What is the minimum deposit amount for IRA account?
There is no minimum deposit for an IRA account.

What are the maximum trade sizes?
There is a maximum trade size of 10 contracts.

How many trade commissions are there?
There is a $48.00 commission per trade.

What is the minimum purchase amount per trade?

Bullion Shark charges just $5 per trade, but you'll have 30 days to make up your mind. Should you decide not to, you'll have to pay a $50 fee.
What types of metals can I buy?
Bullion Shark offers gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and rhodium.
Are there platforms available?
Bullion Shark offers both desktop and mobile platforms.

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Do I receive physical bullion?

Yes. Bullion Shark is a physical bullion dealer, so you will receive physical gold and silver in bullion bars and coins.
Can I choose the depository for my precious metals?
Yes. You can choose which depository you want to receive your metals.
Is Bullion Shark insured?
Yes. Bullion Shark is insured by Lloyd's of London.
What is Bullion Shark's return policy?
Bullion Shark offers a 15-day return policy.
What states does Bullion Shark sell to?
Bullion Shark is permitted to sell precious metals in 49 states.

Can I sell my bullion back to you?

Yes. Bullion Shark will buy back your gold or silver bullion.
Can you ship my gold to me?
Yes. Bullion Shark will pack and ship your gold to you.

Do you offer buyback for my gold?
Yes. Bullion Shark will buy back your gold bullion.

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How do I contact Bullion Shark?

You can contact Bullion Shark by phone, email, or live chat.
How do I open an account with Bullion Shark?
You can open an account with Bullion Shark by clicking "Apply Now" on the Bullion Shark website.