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  • Precious metals are precious metals used in jewelry, coins, and art; they are also used in industry.
  • Precious metals are tangible assets that investors often consider a safe haven for their portfolios.
  • Gold is currently trading at $1,300 per ounce, and palladium is trading at $1,200 per ounce.

The precious metals market has experienced huge swings in pricing over the last few decades. Many people invest in precious metals because it is a useful hedge against inflation and volatile markets, as well as for diversification purposes.
Gold and silver are often times referred to as safe haven assets, meaning that investors buy gold and other precious metals when the economy is weak and stocks are volatile. They sell precious metals when the markets are strong.

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Bullionbypost Reviews: An Overview

This British-based firm has an impressive list of accolades, including:
Gold and Silver Britannia bullion coin sales exceeding 1 million ounces since 2012

Investment awards from Investment Week and Shares Magazine

Best Bullion Services Provider

Bullionbypost offers two types of investment products: bullion coins and bullion bars. While each investment is advertised as secure, Bullionbypost's website doesn't offer many specific details about the company's security. Instead, Bullionbypost's website emphasizes bullion investing as a cost-effective way of diversifying your investment portfolio. Bullionbypost offers gold and silver bullion, as well as platinum and palladium bullion.

bullionbypost reviews

Pros Explained

• Bullionbypost reviews show that it has a sterling reputation.
• The company operates under the strict supervision of the UK Financial Conduct Authority.
• Bullionbypost offers good shipping services.
• Bullionbypost has a wide range of investment choices including gold, silver, palladium, platinum, and rhodium.
• Bullionbypost offers prices that are competitive.
• The company has built a solid client base.
Cons Explained
• Some users complain of long shipping times.
• Users report receiving nonmetallic products instead of precious metals.

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Cons Explained

Although the company's website gives customers a physical address and a unique telephone number to call, Bullionbypost only has an online presence. Bullionbypost does not have storefronts, and the business does not have physical stock.

Although Bullionbypost requires customers to provide personal information, like an email address and bank account details, Bullionbypost does not require these documents to be verified.

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Available Plans and Pricing

Bullionbypost offers two investment plans. For the first year, you can invest up to £100 per month. The company rounds up to the nearest £10, so you'll be charged £100 for the 12-month period. During your second year, you can make up the difference if you want to.

Customer Service

Bullionbypost reviews are mainly positive. With a highly-trained customer service team standing by, Bullionbypost reviews show that customers are highly satisfied with Bullionbypost customer service.

Bullionbypost reviews reveal that Bullionbypost customers are quite satisfied with the company's communication. The company provides scheduled delivery updates, phone number and email contact information, and an online support center.


Bullionbypost reviews show that Bullionbypost customers are quite satisfied with the company's convenience. Bullionbypost reviews reveal that customers appreciate the company's low-minimum purchase requirements and same-day shipping.


Most online businesses these days have the "Amazon effect" on them, meaning that they've developed or adopted a series of tactics, called "best practices," that other businesses use. Since there are hundreds of online businesses selling bullion, many of them are using these strategies.
However, some websites have implemented techniques, such as search engine optimization (SEO), that are more effective than others. This only serves to make finding the best online bullion seller more difficult.
However, knowing which online sellers have implemented the right tactics can make a big difference in your bullion purchase.