Get the Benefits of a Gold IRA from the Capital Gold Group

  • A gold IRA is a retirement account backed by gold, typically in the form of bullion coins.
  • Gold IRAs allow investors to hold gold (and silver) as a retirement asset, while offering the benefits of an IRA.
  • Gold's role in IRAs is as an investment, not as a currency or financial security.
  • Gold IRAs are investment accounts in which gold can be stored and invested for retirement.
  • Gold is a commodity that tends to increase in value when the value of the dollar drops, and it remains stable when the stock market fluctuates.

Many investors are looking for ways to protect their retirement funds from market volatility and inflation. One option, a gold IRA, offers several potential benefits. Here's how a gold-backed IRA works and what makes it an attractive option for many investors.

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Capital Gold Group

Gold IRAs have been around since 1974, but they seem to be gaining in popularity. There are a lot of companies out there promoting these products, though not all of them are created equal.
Capital Gold Group, established in 2002, is a specialty finance company that provides retirement services in precious metals to self-directed IRAs, trusts, and estates.
Capital Gold Group supports precious metals investing by offering unique opportunities and alternative investment choices for investors and retirement savers. The company offers multiple investment options in precious metals, including gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. Capital Gold Group offers investors easy, trader-friendly access to precious metals investing and retirement saving.
Capital Gold Group's clients are not limited in the types of precious metals they can invest in, and the company offers low trading fees, transparent pricing, and exceptional, customized customer service.

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Pros Explained

The Capital Gold Group offers investors the flexibility and convenience of purchasing and storing physical gold bullion, and investing in gold funds, all in one account. With Capital Gold Group, investors can exchange paper assets for gold, or back and forth between the two.
Capital Gold Group offers investors the benefits of a gold IRA, including tax advantages, greater security, and a more convenient method of investing in gold.

Cons Explained

Limited Types of Gold Certificates
Capital Gold Group only offers two types of certificates: physical gold bullion and paper gold.
Paper gold certificates, like the American Gold Eagle, are redeemable for physical gold bullion. They are not backed by any physical gold - they are only a promise to deliver gold in the future.
The capital group offers only American Gold Eagle and Canadian Gold Maple Leaf certificates.

Free Gold IRA kit

Will my Gold IRA be insured?

Yes. Your Gold IRA will be insured up to $250,000.
What types of physical gold can I purchase?
Gold Bullion, Gold, Gold Bullion Coins, and Gold Bullion Bars.
How much gold will I need?
You will need 20% of the value of your investment.
Can I rollover a Traditional IRA?
Yes, you can rollover a 401(k), Traditional, Roth, SEP, SIMPLE, or 403(b) plan into Gold IRA.
Can I roll over a 401(k) plan?
Yes, you can roll over a 401(k) plan.

How soon can I access my funds?

You can transfer funds to your account within 24 hours of establishing your account.
What are the tax implications of rolling over my IRA?
You can roll over funds into a precious metals IRA without paying any taxes on the transfer.

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Will my Gold IRA be tax free?

Yes - Capital Gold Group specializes in Gold IRAs, and for the past two decades, Capital Gold Group has helped investors achieve their financial and retirement goals by offering gold IRAs, precious metals IRAs, and other precious metals investing.
Capital Gold Group's precious metal IRAs are fully compliant with IRS requirements, and Capital Gold Group takes full responsibility for the fiduciary responsibility of the IRA.

Will the Gold IRA company sell my Gold for me?

No. The Capital Gold Group does not sell gold, so you do not have the risk of buying gold from a company with a questionable reputation and track record, or a company that may not be around for long. Instead, the Capital Gold Group provides valuable services, such as helping you choose a gold IRA company, setting up your account, and periodically reviewing your portfolio.

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Is Capital Gold Group a trust company?

No. Capital Gold Group is a broker, not a trust company.
Can Capital Gold Group help me rollover my 401(k)?
Yes. Capital Gold Group is in the business of helping investors make smart investment decisions. Our staff includes licensed professionals who can assist you with rollovers.
What type of client should I be?
Capital Gold Group's client base is varied. Our clients include individuals, major financial institutions, and investment firms. Regardless of the type of investor you are, Capital Gold Group can help you.
Does Capital Gold Group store my gold?
No. Capital Gold Group is not a bank or gold warehouse. Capital Gold Group simply arranges for you to buy gold from one of our affiliated bullion dealers.
What is the Capital Gold Group's investment process?
Capital Gold Group's investment process is two-fold:
1. We provide you the personal guidance you need to set up an IRA that is right for you.
2. We provide you with access to a wide range of gold bullion options.

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Does Capital Gold Group charge clients for their services?
No. Capital Gold Group does not charge clients for their services.
Can I buy coins through the Capital Gold Group?
No. Capital Gold Group does not provide investment advice on coins.
Can I buy gold futures through Capital Gold Group?
No. Capital Gold Group does not provide investment advice on gold futures.