Discover the Benefits of a Cornerstone Precious Metals IRA

  • Precious metals have long been a hedge against inflation and a source of wealth creation for generations of investors.
  • However, the recent volatility in the stock market has many people considering shifting assets into gold and silver.
  • Precious metals IRAs are retirement accounts that invest in physical gold, silver, or other precious metals.
  • Unlike traditional IRAs, investors pay no taxes on precious metals when they are removed from the IRA.

Precious metals have long been a hedge against inflation and a source of wealth creation for generations of investors. However, the recent volatility in the stock market has made many people consider shifting assets into gold and silver, especially as they begin to eye the current volatility levels.
For investors who are interested in investing in precious metals, converting a portion of their IRA into a precious metals IRA can be an ideal way to own gold and silver without having to pay capital gains taxes on the assets.

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Why Invest with Cornerstone and an IRA?

Cornerstone offers the following features and benefits to IRA and 401(k) plan investors:

1. No minimum investment amount - You can open a self-directed IRA with as little as $1.
2. No hidden fees - Cornerstone's IRAs offer 24/7 customer support and online account management.
3. Flexible investing options - Through Cornerstone, you can invest in physical gold and silver bullion, as well as select mining stocks.
4. Self-directed investing - Cornerstone's IRAs offer investors the opportunity to trade assets in their own self-directed IRAs.
5. No penalties for early withdrawal - Investors can take distributions from their IRAs at any time, without penalty.

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Benefits of Cornerstone Precious Metals IRAs

No fees to open account or trade
Open an IRA account with just $2,500

Precious Metals IRAs allow you to buy precious metals bullion. These include gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.

You can invest in precious metals bullion coins, such as American Eagles, Canadian Maple Leafs, British Sovereigns, Austrian Philharmonics, and South African Kruggerands.

You can invest in gold, silver, platinum, or palladium bars. These are available in 1-oz, 5-oz, 10-oz, and 1-kilo sizes.

The precious metals are insured by Brink's, and stored in high-security vaults.

You can buy and sell precious metals at any time.

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Tax Advantages

For investors, precious metals IRAs represent a cost-effective alternative to purchasing physical metals with cash or cash equivalents. IRA custodians offer special pricing for precious metals IRAs; and while prices are typically not the lowest in the industry, savings can still be significant.
Investors who already have an existing IRA can roll over a portion or all of their assets into a precious metals IRA.

Precious metals IRAs can be used to add precious metals to a portfolio that already contains other assets. Precious metals IRAs can also be purchased and held in an IRA in conjunction with other precious metals which do not have to be held in a separate IRA.

Precious metals IRAs allow investors to hold precious metals in an IRA; however, investors are often permitted to keep the metals in a personal safe or storage locker.

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Investment Flexibility
Investors can invest as much or as little as they want in precious metals.

Asset Protection
Precious metals IRAs (and other precious metals held outside of an IRA) are valuable assets that can help protect investors in times of crisis or financial turmoil.

Diversify Your Asset Portfolio
Precious metals IRAs can be used for a wide variety of purposes, including asset protection, diversification, estate planning, and tax-advantaged investing.

Investment Options

While a precious metals IRA can have a variety of investment options, they all fall under one of the following categories:
Physical Metals: Gold, silver, platinum, and palladium are the four precious metals that are allowed in an IRA. While other metals such as copper or nickel are allowed, investing in physical metals can be safer and more profitable than other types of investments.

Precious Metals Stocks: Companies such as Wheaton Precious Metals Corp (WPM), Royal Gold Inc (RGLD), and Endeavour Silver Corp (EXK) are a few examples of precious metals stocks that can be held in a precious metals IRA.

Precious Metals ETFs: Gold ETFs such as the SPDR Gold Shares (GLD) and Silver ETFs such as the iShares Silver Trust (SLV) can be purchased and held in a precious metals IRA.

Other IRA-approved Investments: While a precious metals IRA can hold only physical metals, stocks, or ETFs, a self-directed IRA can hold any investment in which an IRA is allowed. These investments include real estate, venture capital, wildcatters, oil wells, and limited liability companies (LLCs).

Ease of Transfer
Precious metals IRAs are easy to transfer. When an individual opens a precious metals IRA, he or she transfers money from an existing retirement account, such as a 401k, 403b, or traditional IRA. It is important to note that the value of any precious metals held in a precious metals IRA is transferrable. A rollover takes a few days to complete and can be initiated by any precious metals dealer.

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How Cornerstone Precious Metals IRAs Work

A Cornerstone Precious Metals IRA is an IRA designed for precious metals. It is one of the most popular options for IRAs because of the options it provides.
A Cornerstone Precious Metals IRA offers investors a number of advantages, such as:
The ability to buy and sell precious metals such as gold and silver without limits.

The option of investing in physical precious metals, or in gold or silver certificates.

The ability to limit the tax repercussions that come with an IRA.

The option to create a self-directed IRA.

These advantages make it an attractive option. A Cornerstone IRA also reduces the risk for investors. The IRA is insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). The FDIC insures up to $250,000.