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  • A self-directed gold IRA allows investors to buy physical gold, such as coins and bullion, as part of a retirement account.
  • The gold is stored by a third-party custodian with a gold IRA provider. A gold IRA offers investors several benefits over traditional IRAs, including: Gold assets, unlike traditional IRA assets, are not subject to tax penalties if withdrawn early.
  • Because gold is a tangible asset, there is a greater chance of it retaining its value than of paper assets. Gold IRAs offer investors an opportunity to diversify their IRA holdings, which can help reduce risk. Stocks, bonds, and mutual funds tend to decline in value during recessions, when investors need their IRA assets the most.

Are you worried about how America's debt problems could impact your retirement? Are you worried that the U.S. Federal Reserve's easy money policies could be inflationary? Then perhaps it's time to consider investing in gold.
When thinking of investing in gold, many people immediately think of trading gold futures. Futures trading can be complicated, so it's best for most people to invest in physical gold. And the easiest way to invest in gold is to open a self-directed gold IRA.
In this article we'll look at the major benefits of investing in gold, and show you how to open a self-directed IRA. Our step-by-step guide will show you everything you need to know to open a gold and precious metals IRA, including how to rollover an existing IRA or 401(k).

Free Gold IRA Kit Components

1. If you prefer, you can call the toll-free number (800) 927-7671 to request your personal Gold IRA Kit.
2. If you decide to request your kit, a Kit Request Form will be sent to you.
3. The Kit Request Form includes a list of required documents.
4. If you choose to call to request your Kit, a Kit Request Form will be sent to you.

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Gold IRA Transfer

If you want to transfer your IRA to a Gold IRA or if you're worried about the economy, you should be concerned about how to protect your assets.
The good news is, you can. The experts at Goldco can help you every step of the way:
1. Free gold IRA kit with no obligation
2. Free consultations
3. No set-up fees or commissions

Free Gold IRA kit

IRA Rollover

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