Take a Look at the Gold Alliance Review

  • Gold Alliance is an investment company that trades on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol GGA.
  • The company's investment portfolio consists of precious metals, real estate, and other commodities.
  • Gold Alliance was founded in 2002 by veterans in the mining industry.

Gold Alliance (GGA) is an investment company that trades on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol GGA. The company's investment portfolio consists of precious metals, real estate, and other commodities. Gold Alliance was founded in 2002 by veterans in the mining industry.

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Pros Explained

The Gold Alliance Review claims to be a free resource, offering valuable research and tools for those who are curious about gold as an investment. The articles on the site are written in plain language to help readers understand gold's history, current performance, and future trends.
The site features three free guides for gold investors:
A Beginner's Guide to Gold Investing: This introductory guide covers the basics of gold investment, including what gold is and how to invest in it.

A Guide to Gold IRAs: This guide explains the benefits of investing in gold in a retirement account, including tax advantages.

The Gold Investor's Guide: The definitive guide to gold investing covers everything from gold and silver bullion to rare coins.

The site also offers a number of free guides for silver and platinum investors.
Cons Explained
Some reviewers have pointed out that this site is owned by a company called My Gold IRA, which offers self-directed IRAs to prospective gold investors.

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Cons Explained

While the Gold Alliance review is positive overall, there are some cons that you should know about, such as:
The Gold Alliance does not have as much experience or as many locations as some of the other providers.

Gold Alliance does not allow you to rent your IRA funds, like some other providers. However, they do allow you to withdraw funds.

Gold Alliance does not provide physical bullion.

Available Courses

The Gold Alliance offers online courses for a variety of subjects. To look at their course catalog, click here.
Some of the advantages include:
The ability to start at any time

A dedicated tutor

A variety of 24/7 support

Is the Gold Alliance worth my time and money?

This is a tricky question to answer, given the fact that it is a matter of opinion. However, we can take a look at some of the features of the program and see if it is worth looking into.
The Gold Alliance is a program that teaches people how to buy and sell gold and silver. It is an online program that includes daily lessons, online support, and weekly webinars. It offers three main products:
Gold & Silver Market Professional Certification
Gold Market Professional Certification
Silver Market Professional Certification

How does the Gold Alliance subscription work?

The Gold Alliance subscription is a weekly publication that informs subscribers of important, up-to-the-minute news and events. It focuses specifically on precious metals, including gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and rhodium. It also provides weekly commentary and in-depth analysis of relevant topics such as:
Precious metals markets

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Precious metals stocks

Precious metals mining stocks

Precious metals ETFs

Precious metals futures

The Gold Alliance newsletter delivers all of this information to its subscribers and also provides actionable strategies for profiting from the precious metals market.

Free Gold IRA kit

Where do you host the Gold Alliance webinars?

We host our webinars on a hosted Zoom platform. It is simple to use, and allows us to record the webinar sessions.
What is the Gold Alliance pricing?
Gold Alliance pricing starts at $19.95 per month.

What are the benefits of a subscription to Gold Alliance?
Gold Alliance offers live weekly webinars, with video replays of each session. The live webinars include prerecorded and live videos, along with a special Q&A session.

On-demand webinars are also available.

Gold Alliance members have access to the Gold Alliance community, a private Facebook group.

Gold Alliance also offers additional educational material, including books, podcasts, and videos.

What's included in the Gold Alliance membership?
Gold Alliance offers three different levels of membership.

Gold Level: Live weekly webinars with video replays.

Silver Level: Live weekly webinars, with video replays.

Bronze Level: Live weekly webinars, with video replays.

Are there different Gold Alliance pricing plans?
Gold Alliance offers three different levels of quarterly membership pricing.

Gold Level: $99.95 for three months

Silver Level: $74.95 for three months

Bronze Level: $49.95 for three months

What is Gold Alliance's refund policy?
Gold Alliance offers a 60-day refund policy.

Who are the instructors at the Gold Alliance?

Gold Alliance instructors are all highly qualified and experienced experts. These instructors include:
Adam Hewison

Adam Hewison is the Director of Research at Bullion Capital, a precious metals dealer. Hewison is considered one of the leading experts on precious metals and investing. Hewison has been quoted extensively in global financial publications such as The Wall Street Journal, CNBC, Forbes, The Financial Times, and The Washington Post.

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Kent Moors

Kent Moors is the Chief Investment Officer of Sprott Money Ltd., a precious metals and ETF dealer. Moors is widely considered an expert in precious metals and financial market investing. Moors is a best-selling author and regularly writes for Forbes, Bloomberg, and CNBC.

Robert McEwen

Robert McEwen is the CEO of McEwen Mining Inc., a precious metals and mining company. McEwen is one of the most respected gold mining experts in the world. McEwen regularly writes for Forbes, The Globe and Mail, The Wall Street Journal, and Bloomberg.

Martin Armstrong

Martin Armstrong is a renowned investor and world-renown economist. Armstrong is most well-known for his predictions about world events. Armstrong is regularly interviewed by financial publications such as CNN, CNBC, The New York Times, and The Globe and Mail.

What's the target audience for the Gold Alliance?

The Gold Alliance is a training program designed for people who are interested in building an online income through gold. It also provides solid education on the gold market.
The Gold Alliance offers multiple training options, including live training, webinars, videos, and books.
The Gold Alliance also offers a paid traffic training program.

Who created Gold Alliance?
Gold Alliance was created by Shaun Connolly. Connolly is a businessman, investor, and entrepreneur who has been featured on CNBC and Forbes.
Connolly also has an online company called Income Store, which is a premium membership site that teaches members how to generate their own online income.