Store Your Gold IRA at Your Home

  • If you do not own your own home or do not have a safe, storing precious metals can be risky.
  • If you have precious metals stored in a bank safe deposit box, you won't have access to them should a bank close its doors.
  • Safe deposit boxes offer limited security and are not accessible during bank closures.
  • There are a number of companies that offer precious metals IRA storage.

If you store your precious metals in your home, you increase the risk that you or your family will be broken into. Storing your precious metals with a third party company lets you guard against theft and loss. Here are some companies that specialize in gold IRA storage.

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Reasons to Store Your Gold at Home

If you have the storage space in your home, it is ideal to keep your gold at home.
It is easier to keep your gold in your sight on a daily basis, so you know exactly what you have.

If your gold is in your home, you can retrieve it quickly if needed.

Keeping gold in a bank is more expensive, as banks charge storage fees for holding your gold.

Gold Value

Unlike your IRA, your gold IRA is not funded with stocks, bonds, mutual funds, or other investments. It's funded with gold.
The gold in your IRA is segregated from your other assets. However, there are fees associated with storing your gold IRA.

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Storing your gold at home gives you the freedom to come and go as you please. Your gold will remain safe in secure storage, and you'll have easy access to it.
Storing your gold at home also gives you greater privacy. Instead of stopping by a storage facility and filling out paperwork, you can simply call your gold custodian and retrieve your gold.

No Shipping Costs

When you buy gold bars, coins, or other bullion from a precious metals dealer, you typically must pay a fee to ship your gold to a depository facility like a bank or vault. When you store gold in your own home, however, there is no shipping or storage cost.
No Upfront Fees
Storing your gold at home also eliminates upfront fees like storage fees, insurance fees, and administration fees. With a traditional gold IRA, you pay annual storage fees, administrative fees, insurance fees, and other expenses. If you store your gold at home, you avoid these fees.

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Safekeeping Guarantee

When you store gold at home, you have more control over the safekeeping of your precious metals.
If your house is burglarized, the thieves will not be able to access your gold.

If your house is burgled and your gold is stolen, the loss will be contained to the value of gold you own.

The house is insured, and the insurance will cover the theft of all your valuables.

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If you live in an area where natural disasters occur, the chances of your gold being damaged by fire, flood, or earthquake are diminished.


Gold IRAs allow you to store your precious metals in the most convenient way possible.

You can store your gold at home without the need to travel to a special depository.

You can keep your precious metals under your own lock and key.

No Storage Fees

You'll pay no storage fees for keeping your gold IRA in your home's safe deposit box.
Access to Your Gold
Another advantage is that your gold bullion is physically accessible to you. You can remove and inspect the gold that is in your safe deposit box, and you can bring it with you at any time.

No Insurance Costs

When you store your gold in your possession, there is no insurance cost.
No Security Costs
Although you'll have to purchase safes and vaults, you'll also save on security costs.
No Storage Costs
Since gold isn't exposed to market volatility, you won't have to pay storage costs.

gold ira storage at home

No Fees to Open an Account

Gold IRAs can be opened at your home or office with a company like Regal Assets. There is no charge to open a Gold IRA.
No Minimum to Open an Account
There is no minimum amount of money required to open a Gold IRA.
No Minimum to Deposit
There is no minimum amount of money required to open a Gold IRA.
No Ongoing Fees
There are no ongoing fees to open or maintain an IRA.