Goldco Affiliate Program Review

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Pros Explained

Goldco Affiliate offers a simple business plan that helps its partner merchants connect with affiliate marketers while earning commissions. The affiliate merchant program comes with a number of advantages including:
No Cost: There is no cost to join Goldco Affiliate. Merchants simply pay 10% commission on the final sale.

High Conversion Rate: Goldco Affiliate claims to have one of the highest conversion rates in the industry.

Easy Integration: The affiliate merchant program is compatible with Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, and BigCommerce.

Sell Products Worldwide: The affiliate merchant program is designed for merchants who want to sell their products worldwide.

Support: Affiliate merchants have access to an affiliate manager, who helps monitor and manage campaigns.

Cons Explained
No Technical Support: There is no technical support available with the program.

No Brand Protection: Goldco Affiliate does not provide brand protection.

No Support For Affiliate Marketers: There is no support for affiliate marketers.

No Tracking: There is no campaign tracking available with the program.

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No Cash Back: There is no cash back program available with the program.

Cons Explained

Goldco doesn't provide any indication as to what the commission level is for affiliates.
Goldco doesn't provide any indication of how an affiliate's commission will be calculated.
Goldco doesn't provide any information on its geographic reach or whether it accepts affiliates from every country.

Available Products

Goldco offers a wide variety of investments, including stocks, bonds, ETFs, mutual funds, and options. All assets have a 0.3% management fee.
Account Types
Goldco offers both individual and institutional accounts.

Commission Structure
Goldco offers commission-based and fee-based options for affiliates.

Goldco offers affiliates an opportunity to earn commissions by offering a diverse investment lineup.

goldco affiliate program review

Available Affiliates

Goldco Affiliates is only available to affiliates who are approved, and affiliates are given access to their own affiliate dashboard.
Commission Structure
Goldco Affiliates uses a simple commission structure that pays affiliates 5% commission on sales and 10% on recurring sales.
Minimum Payout
Affiliates can make money by referring both new and repeat customers to Goldco Affiliates. Affiliates can receive up to $100 per new customer and $200 for recurring customers.

Promotional Tools
Affiliates can use a variety of promotional materials from Goldco Affiliates. Affiliates can choose from banners, text links, and social media posts to promote Goldco Affiliates. Affiliates can also create their own materials using Goldco Affiliates' templates.

What Is Goldco's Commission Structure?

Goldco's affiliate program offers two commission structures:
CPA (cost-per-action): You earn $20 for every $100 a customer spends.

CPS (cost-per-sale): You earn $20 for every $100 a sale generates.

Commissions are calculated on the dollar amount of the sale, not on the amount the customer spends.

Payouts: Paid out monthly.

Minimum Payout: $100

How to Sign Up for Goldco's Affiliate Program?
Signing up for the Goldco affiliate program is quick and easy. Just visit the Goldco website, click on Affiliates, and fill out an application.

What Is the Goldco Affiliate Program?

Goldco Affiliates is an invitation-only affiliate network whose partners are retail bullion dealers, coin dealers, and precious metals wholesalers. The network supports over 20 affiliate programs at more than 70 different websites.
Goldco Affiliates offers an affiliate program for retail bullion dealers, coin dealers, and precious metals wholesalers.
Goldco Affiliates offers its affiliates several benefits, including:

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• A customizable storefront

• Discounts on advertising

• Real-time reporting

• Payment processing

• Customer service

• Fraud protection

• Marketing material

• Tracking and conversion tracking

• Exclusive offers

• Private label solutions

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What Payment Methods Does Goldco Offer?

Goldco offers affiliate marketing programs through Commission Junction, ShareASale, and FlexOffers.
Commission Junction: Affiliates with Commission Junction will receive 15% commission for any sale they refer.
ShareASale: Affiliates with ShareaSale will receive 15% commission for any sale they refer.

FlexOffers: Affiliates with FlexOffers will receive 15% commission for any sale they refer.

Who Joins Goldco Affiliate Program?
Goldco offers 15% commission to its affiliate program partners, but partners need to refer a minimum of $100 worth of sales each month.

How Quickly Do Affiliates Receive Commissions?

With Goldco Affiliates, affiliate commissions are paid out 45 days after the referred customer's purchase.
Referrer Commissions: Affiliates receive a 15% commission on referred customer purchases of Goldco products and services.

Customer Commissions: Affiliates receive a 5% commission on referred customer purchases of Goldco products and services.

Minimum Payout: Affiliates must have earned at least $50 in commissions to receive a paid commission.

Payment Methods: Affiliates can receive their commission payouts via PayPal, check, or direct deposit.

Minimum Payout: Affiliates must have earned at least $50 in commissions to receive a paid commission.

Do Affiliates Receive Bonuses and Special Promotions?

Goldco Affiliates offers a consistent 5% commission on all sales made through their website. While Goldco Affiliates does not offer any cash bonuses, they do have several promotions, including:

15% off all merchandise

25% off all merchandise

30% off all merchandise

What Kind of Support Does Goldco Offer?

Goldco offers its affiliates two types of support:
Lead generation support

Goldco offers its affiliates lead generation support through its website. Affiliates can place their affiliate links on the website's banners, email, or brochures. Goldco sends its affiliates a monthly newsletter with news about the company, latest market trends, and new offers.
Marketing support

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Goldco also provides affiliates with email support, which they can use to promote their affiliate links. Affiliates can also ask the company if they can feature Goldco's products in their blogs or newsletters.
Does Goldco Pay Commissions?
Yes. Goldco offers its affiliates a commission of 10% on each transaction. The affiliate gets paid through direct deposit or check.

How Is Goldco's Affiliate Program Different From Other Companies?

Goldco is a custom jewelry manufacturer that has been in business for more than 40 years. It has an experienced customer service team, which is a big draw for affiliates. Goldco's affiliate program uses ShareASale, one of the most reputable affiliate networks around.
Goldco offers 24 Karat Gold and Sterling Silver jewelry, including rings, necklaces, bracelets, pendants, and more. The jewelry is designed and manufactured in America.
Each item comes with a lifetime guarantee, so clients never have to worry about the quality.

What Is Goldco's Cost-per-Acquisition?

Goldco charges $50 for affiliates who sign up through an affiliate network.
What Is Goldco's Cost Per Action (CPA)?
CPA offers are commission-based offers. Goldco has four types of CPA offers:

Credit Card Offers

Sign-Up Offers

Trial Offers

Download Offers

What Is Goldco's Cost Per Sale (CPS)?
Goldco charges $1.25 for CPS offers.
What Is Goldco's Cost Per Lead (CPL)?
CPL offers are lead-based offers. Goldco charges $5 for CPL offers.

Is There a Minimum or Maximum amount I Can Earn?

$500 to $1,000 per month, depending on affiliates' effort.

Does Goldco Require a Set Time Commitment?
Affiliates are required to work 10 hours per month.

What Kind of Support Does Goldco Offer?
Goldco offers its affiliates a 24/7 support team.

Is Goldco a Scam or Not?
Goldco is not a scam, but some of the affiliates' reviews are not positive.

What Is Goldco's Payment Calendar?

Goldco offers affiliates four payment options:

1. Revenue Shares: With revenue from sales generated through your affiliate site, Goldco pays you a percentage share (from 5% to 10%).

2. Cost Per Sale: Whenever one of your site visitors clicks through to Goldco and makes a purchase, you earn a 15% commission.

3. Cost Per Lead: When one of your website visitors fills out a form, you earn a 15% commission.

4. Cost Per Action: When one of your website visitors submits a form that leads to a sale, you earn a 15% commission.