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  • California (CA) is the eighth largest state in the nation, and it is home to 39.9 million residents as of 2019.
  • Major industries include agriculture, aerospace, technology, tourism, entertainment, and healthcare.
  • The state's large population is highly diverse, with 33% of residents being Latino, 14% Asian, 7% African-American, and 5% white.
  • California has a reputation for being one of the wealthiest states in the country, with an estimated per capita income of $56,478 in 2019.

California is the heart of gold country and minting mints, and this precious metal is the state's namesake. The state's official motto, "Eureka!" comes from the Greek and means "I have found it." California's gold rush of 1849 was the beginning of its rich history of gold mining. The state is known for Hollywood, Silicon Valley, and ranching.

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What Is the Golden State Mint?

The Golden State Mint is a private mint that was established in 1982 and is based in California. The mint provides gold, silver, and copper bullion coins for collectors, investors, and resellers.
The mint provides the following products:
Gold bars and coins

Silver bars and coins

Silver rounds

Gold bullion coins

Copper bullion coins

Gold bars are available in 1-oz, 5-oz, 10-oz, and 100-oz sizes. Gold coins are available from 1-oz to 1-kg. Silver bars are available in 1-oz, 5-oz, 10-oz, 100-oz, and 1-kg. Silver coins are available in 1-oz, 5-oz, 10-oz, 1-kg, and 10-kg sizes.

Understanding the Golden State Mint

The Golden State Mint is located in northern California. The company was founded in 1979 and has become a trusted source for precious metals, including gold and silver bars and coins. The Golden State Mint sells a wide range of coins and bullion products, including:
Gold bullion: .9999 fine (24-karat) Gold bars and coins

Silver bullion: .999 fine (99.9% pure) Silver bars and coins

Platinum: .9995 fine Platinum bars and coins

Palladium: .9995 fine Palladium bars and coins

Other precious metals: .999 fine (99.9% pure) Gold bars and coins, including platinum, palladium, and rhodium

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The Golden State Mint also offers a series of collectible coins, including:
U.S. Mint coins

Privately minted coins and currency

World coins

The Golden State Mint has a large inventory and ships products worldwide.

Exclusive Coin Designs

The California gold rush never ended, but California state coins, like silver certificates, ceased production in 1964. Since then, popular coin designs have expired, making many sets less valuable.
Golden State Mint, based in Modesto, California, produces its own exclusive coin designs that are detailed, accurate, and highly collectible.
High Grade Gold Coins
Golden State Mint produces coins to exacting specifications, eliminating any impurities that lower their value. It also uses precious metals to create a coin's finish, which saves on production costs while benefiting collectors.

Custom Coin Designs

Coin collectors know the importance of rarity when it comes to collecting valuable coins. The Golden State Mint designs custom coins for investors and collectors. A limited edition coin can add value and make even common coins desirable.
The mint can design unique coins for your collection or coin collection business. The mint can customize coins with your name, logo, or other designs. The mint can even help you design the coin.
Coin Engraving
In addition to coin design, the Golden State Mint can engrave engravings on coins. For example, the Golden State Mint can engrave your name or company logo on coins. Engraving allows you to personalize your coins.
Coin Grading
The Golden State Mint can grade your coins. Coin grading is important in determining values. Grading also helps you better understand the rarity and value of your coins.

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Coin Storage

The Golden State Mint offers both professional coin storage and personal coin storage options, with insured vaults located at a secure, third-party storage facility. The premium coin storage option ensures your coins are fully insured against fire, theft, and water.

Collectors Club Membership
Golden State Mint offers collectors club membership that includes one coin per shipment. Members receive discounts on future orders and can sign up for free newsletters.

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Coin Printing

The Golden State Mint produces coin blanks for a wide variety of coins. American and foreign currency, commemorative, and proof blanks are among the many products that the company produces.
Coin Collecting
Coin collecting is a popular hobby, and Golden State Mint offers coin collectors a variety of products. The company sells coin folders, coin tongs, coin tubes, and other accessories. Collectors will also appreciate the educational videos, articles, and blog posts that the company publishes.
Coin Stamps
Golden State Mint offers a variety of coin stamp products, including self-inking and pre-inked stamps.

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Coin Ring Manufacturing

Coin Ring Manufacturing
The Golden State Mint offers two types of coin ring manufacture: coin ring manufacturing and coin ring cutting.
Coin Ring Manufacturing: The Golden State Mint offers coin ring manufacturing for fractional and whole coins. These rings can be manufactured from a variety of metals, including gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. The coin rings are hand-fabricated in-house, ensuring that they will look exactly the way you want.
Coin Ring Cutting: The Golden State Mint also offers coin rings cut to your specifications. These rings are pre-cut, meaning that they do not require machining. You can cut coin rings in 1/10 oz. increments up to 1 oz. for precious metals and 1 oz. for base metals.
Coin Ring Packaging
The Golden State Mint also offers coin ring packaging. The packaging comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, including ring boxes, bags, tubes, and canisters. The packaging is custom made to fit your ring style.
Custom Coin Design
The Golden State Mint also offers custom coin design. You can choose to have your coins stamped, struck, or cast. The Golden State Mint also offers custom engraving, embossing, and guilloche.
Precious Metal Refining
The Golden State Mint also offers precious metal refining. You can bring your precious metals to the mint, and you will receive a quote. The Golden State Mint offers refining services for gold, silver, and platinum. The refining process is performed in a state-of-the-art facility that utilizes the latest technology.

Coin Pendant Manufacturing

The Golden State Mint (GSM), located in Placerville, Calif., is the industry leader in coin pendant manufacturing, manufacturing thousands of products every year. Coin pendants and jewelry make ideal gifts for friends and loved ones. GSM offers coin pendants in 22 karat gold, silver and brass, as well as 1-gram and 2-gram silver bars.
Coin Pendant Design Services
GSM offers coin pendant design services, including custom renderings, 3D designs, and product photography.
Coin Pendant Set-Up Services
GSM offers coin pendant set- up services, including photography, custom coin polishing, custom packaging, and fulfillment.
Coin Pendant Custom Work
GSM offers coin pendant custom work, including laser engraving, medallion plating, and coin polishing.

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Coin Sculpting

Coin Sculpting is the process in which the artist manually sculpts the wax. Traditional sculptors use clay to create the wax.
Casting is the process of creating the die. A solid material is poured into a mold to make the die. The strength of the cast is determined by the thickness of the metal.
Breaking is the process in which a machine that's specifically designed for breaking metal breaks apart the metal. The machine makes a snapping sound.
Plating is the process of applying and mixing the metals to create a uniform mixture. It's then poured on to the metal die. This mixture gets heated up in order to melt the metal together.

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Coin Repair

Coin Repair is the process of cleaning coins and restoring their luster. The process consists of two separate steps. The first step is the cleaning of the coin which removes dirt, grime, and other contaminants. The second step of the cleaning process consists of applying a protective coating to the coin.
Coin Grading
Coin grading is the process of determining the quality of a coin. The quality of a coin is mostly determined by its grade. Grading a coin can be a complex process, but California Coin Appraisals makes it easy by grading your coins with an objective standard.
Coin Appraisal
Coin appraisal is the determination of the current market value of a coin. Coin appraisal is subjective and greatly depends on the supply and demand of that particular coin.
Coin Restoration
Coin restoration is the process of returning coins to their original condition. When coins are damaged, broken, or scratched, it can affect their perceived value. Using our restoration services, we can restore your coins to their former glory.