Russian Palladium Ballerina Coin - 1 oz for Sale

Welcome to the captivating world of the Russian Palladium Ballerina Coin! In this article, we will delve into the fascinating details of this exquisite 1 oz masterpiece, showcasing its elegance, history, and availability for all collectors and enthusiasts alike. Discover the allure of this precious coin and explore its remarkable features, ensuring an enchanting addition to any collection.

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Overview and History of Palladium Ballerina

The Palladium Ballerina coin is a 1 oz Russian palladium coin that is highly sought after by collectors and investors. Minted by the Moscow Mint, the coin features a beautiful design on both the obverse and reverse sides. The obverse side displays the coat of arms of Russia, while the reverse side features a graceful ballet dancer. The coin is legal tender in Russia and has a face value of 25 rubles.
Palladium is a rare and precious metal, making the Palladium Ballerina coin a valuable addition to any investment or collection. Don't miss out on the opportunity to own this exquisite piece of Russian history.

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Physical Characteristics and Coin Design

The Russian Palladium Ballerina Coin - 1 oz is a stunning piece of craftsmanship that captures the elegance and grace of ballet. The obverse of the coin features a beautiful ballet dancer, paying homage to the world-renowned Bolshoi Ballet in Moscow. On the reverse, you'll find the emblem of the Bank of Russia and the face value of the coin in Russian rubles.

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This coin is minted at the Moscow Mint, a prestigious facility known for its exceptional quality. Made from 1 ounce of palladium, it is a valuable addition to any collection. With its intricate design and high level of detail, this coin is a true work of art. As legal tender, it holds both numismatic and bullion value. Whether you're a ballet enthusiast or a coin collector, the Russian Palladium Ballerina Coin is a must-have.

palladium ballerina

Specifications and Pricing of Palladium Ballerina

Russian Palladium Ballerina Coin - 1 oz for Sale

Russian Palladium Ballerina Coin - 1 oz for Sale

Specification Details
Material Palladium
Weight 1 oz
Diameter 33 mm
Face Value 100 Roubles
Fineness 0.9995
Obverse Design Depicts the Russian ballet dancer
Reverse Design Features the Russian national emblem
Price $1,200

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