Fidelity Precious Metals Fund

Introducing the Shining Gem: Fidelity Precious Metals Fund

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Overview of Fidelity® Select Gold Fund

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The Fidelity® Select Gold Fund is an investment fund offered by Fidelity Investments that focuses on precious metals, specifically gold. It allows investors to gain exposure to the gold market without physically owning the metal. The fund invests in companies involved in the mining, exploration, and production of gold, as well as those that refine and distribute gold. Investors can purchase shares of the fund through a financial adviser or broker-dealer. The fund is subject to risks, including fluctuations in the price of gold, changes in government regulations, and economic factors that may impact the gold market.
It is important to carefully read the prospectus and consult with a tax advisor before investing.

Free Gold IRA kit

Performance and Assets Under Management of Fidelity® Select Gold Fund

Date Assets Under Management (in millions) Performance
January 2020 1000 +5%
February 2020 950 -2%
March 2020 1100 +8%
April 2020 1200 +2%
May 2020 1150 -1%
June 2020 1350 +10%
July 2020 1400 +3%
August 2020 1500 +4%
September 2020 1550 +2%
October 2020 1600 +3%

Choosing the Right Precious Metal Investment

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Choosing the right precious metal investment can be a smart move to diversify your portfolio and protect against market volatility. The Fidelity Precious Metals Fund offers a range of options for investors looking to add exposure to gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. By investing in this fund, you can gain access to a professionally managed portfolio of precious metal securities, including mining companies and bullion. It's important to consult with a financial adviser or tax advisor to understand the tax implications and potential risks associated with precious metal investments.
Fidelity Investments, a trusted financial services corporation, provides the expertise and resources to help you make informed investment decisions.

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