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  • The venture capital industry is a lucrative, competitive field.
  • Cs, or venture capitalists, are investors who provide capital to startup companies in exchange for an equity stake in the company.
  • Successful VCs know the risks, rewards, and strategies involved in funding new startups.

Being a venture capitalist, angel investor, or entrepreneur is a tricky business. How do you protect yourself and your investments? How do you build a strong network of relationships? Where do you find bright young minds with new ideas?

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"Discover a network of angel investors and entrepreneurs under the wings of Ben Franklin. They host monthly Pitch & Share events to engage, educate, and inspire entrepreneurs."

Meet Our Guests:

Nick Tommarello
Founder, The Network of Angels & Entrepreneurs

Nick Tommarello is Founder and Managing Director of The Network of Angels & Entrepreneurs. Nick has 20+ years of senior management experience in early stage (Series A) technology companies. He has raised over $120M in capital, created $1B+ in value for shareholders, and led 34 IPOs and 10 M&A transactions.
Nick has also formed and led angel investment groups, including the New York Angels, the New York Capital Angels, The Brooklyn Angels, and The Silicon Alley Angels. Nick co-founded The Network of Angels & Entrepreneurs in 2011 and has invested in over 150 companies. Nick has a B.A. in English from The State University of New York at Albany and an M.B.A. from Columbia University.

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angels & entrepreneurs network

John Terpstra

John Terpstra, founder and CEO of AngelList, is the CEO of the largest network of angel investors in the world. AngelList connects startups with investors, and it's built to be a one-stop solution for startups looking to raise money.
In addition to connecting startups with investors, AngelList is a platform for companies to hire. AngelList also has its own blog, and it offers valuable content about entrepreneurship. John has also created several resources for entrepreneurs, including a video series called "Ask an Angel."

Sasha Dichter

Founder & President

"The best way to meet fellow entrepreneurs is through participation in an early stage investor group. An angel investor group provides a forum where entrepreneurs can educate each other about their business model and validate their company's potential."

Marc Andreessen

AngelList was created in 2010 by Naval Ravikant, a serial entrepreneur and former startup investor. The vision is to make Angels available to entrepreneurs.
AngelList is a platform for startups and angel investors to connect. Its members include more than 25,000 angel investors and venture capital firms.

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Key Takeaways

• Angels are investors who are willing to contribute capital to startups or early-stage companies.
• Startups and entrepreneurs are individuals or groups who launch new businesses.
• While angels and startups are diverse, there are many resources online that allow startups and entrepreneurs to connect with each other.

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Angel investors are individual investors who are willing to contribute capital to startups and early-stage companies. Angels often seek to provide their startup investments with mentoring, advice, and connections.
Startups are individuals or groups who launch new businesses. Entrepreneurs are individuals who founded a startup.