Read These Angel Investor Network Reviews

  • The Angel Investor Network (AIN) provides a platform for accredited investors to connect with each other.
  • The Angel Investor Network reviews provide insight into the pros and cons of using this service.
  • The Angel Investor Network (AIN) was founded in 2000 and is one of the world's largest networks of accredited investors.

Need financing for a new venture? Angel investors may be your answer. The Angel Investor Network provides a platform for accredited investors to connect with each other. The Angel Investor Network reviews provide insight into the pros and cons of using this service.

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Angel investor network websites, or angel groups, are sites where angel investors can find startups to invest in. Investors then communicate with the founder or CEO online, through angel groups, or at events.
Angel investor network websites offer startup founders and investors the ability to find each other. The startups are vetted by investors, and investors can make funding decisions quickly.
Angel investor groups provide a networking opportunity for entrepreneurs and investors. Some angel groups also meet in person.

angel investors network reviews

Pros Explained

The platform is free to use, and it allows budding founders and entrepreneurs the opportunity to pitch their startups to some of the most successful angel investors in the nation. The startups are screened by Angel List's platform, and only the best startups are selected.
Angel List is free to use for investors who want to connect with startups. For startups, pitches are free, but investors may charge a startup for access to their funds.
Becoming a member is straightforward. Users log in to the platform, fill out their basic information, and answer a few questions designed to help them determine whether Angel List's screening process is right for them.
Angel List gives users access to investors with proven track records. Each investor profile provides insight into an investor's background, investment history, and the types of startups he or she invests in.

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Cons Explained

Angel investors often play the role of a venture capitalist, meaning they invest capital in startups in exchange for equity. Angel investors are there to provide guidance and advice to startups, but they're not there to do the day-to-day management.
Angel investors typically look for companies with a business model they believe will be successful. They like to see evidence of past revenue, proven leadership and, most importantly, a solid management team.
Angel investors aren't always in the business of providing startup capital. They may also be looking to sell equity in their business. If a company is already profitable, then there's less risk involved.
Angel investors are also usually interested in businesses they have a connection to. For example, if you're a software programmer and you see an opportunity to develop an app, then you might approach an investor you know is interested in technology.
Angel investors can also be interested in a business only if it fits into a specific niche. If you're looking to get into venture capital, then you might be looking to invest in a specific type of business or in a specific industry.

Available Courses

Angel investor knowledge is a broad subject that touches upon many different areas. An angel investor network or community, however, has a specific focus, providing education and training on how to become a successful angel investor.
According to Angel Investor Network's website, its courses cover the following topics:
Fundamentals of Angel Investing

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Angel Investor Market Overview

Angel Investor Due Diligence

Valuation of Angel-Backed Companies

Crunchbase and AngelList


AngelList is free for angels, while startups pay a monthly subscription of $299.
Access to Top Investors
AngelList has over 70,000 accredited investors, which accounts for 87% of all accredited investors in the U.S.

Lead Generation
A startup can post their deal to 10,000 potential investors in the AngelList network.

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Available Support Channels

The best angel investor networks put the needs of their investors first, and the best angel investment networks have the following support systems.
Support: The best angel investor networks have support systems in place to help their investors understand the process, gather necessary documents, and answer any questions investors have.

Due-Diligence: The angel investment network provides due diligence on investment opportunities.

Connect: The best angel investor networks connect investors with opportunities.