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  • Bitira offers budgeting advice for its users and a suite of budgeting tools.
  • Budgeting tools allow users to set spending limits, track income and expenses, and view spending trends.
  • Users can also set alerts for when spending is exceeding budget limits.

Bitira helps individuals and businesses track their spending and income. The company offers a mobile app that allows users to create and track budgets, and link spending and income. It also allows users to import transaction data from financial applications or banks.

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bitira review

What Is Bitira?

Bitira is a social trading platform that lets users access a peer-to-peer network of traders. The platform also provides a feature that enables users to watch the trades of others in real time. Another unique feature is that Bitira provides its users with opportunities to earn an income by referring their friends.
Bitira operates a two-tiered system: free accounts and premium accounts. The premium accounts provide access to more funds and more trading options.

Understanding Bitira

Bitira is an online trading brokerage service that was founded in 2011 and is headquartered in London. It provides investors with direct access to stocks, ETFs, and CFDs from over 100 global exchange.
Bitira's trading platform is web-based and can be accessed through any web browser or mobile app. The service is available in English, Arabic, French, German, and Spanish.
Bitira's fees include:
Up to $10 per order, depending on size
$50 per round trip wire
$0.30 per contract
$0.40 per stop order
$0.20 per limit order

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Available Services

Bitira's website lists several services, including the following:
Online investment account management

Document storage

Electronic signature recording

Funding account management (in this case, an account for funding your investment account)

Fees and Pricing
Bitira offers multiple pricing plans, with the cheapest plan costing $9.95 for a monthly fee.

Cost of Bitira

Bitira takes only $20 per month for the basic plan, and charges $30 for the premium plan. This fee will get you access to every feature in the tool and account. You also get access to free trading signals.
Bitira offers users a long list of features that you can use to customize the platform's performance and layout. The features can be scaled up or down depending on your trading needs.

Pros and Cons

Software is easy to use
Software complies with ISO 9001:2015
Software offers a free trial, no credit card required
No requirement for ongoing training
Supports multi-site businesses
Supports 178 countries
Offers a mobile app

Expect to pay $1,980 for an annual license

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The Bottom Line

The BitIRA provider has excellent customer service, low fees, and a secure platform, all of which are important factors in regards to selecting the right provider. However, the user interface is a bit outdated, and there isn't any mobile application.