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  • Precious metals such as gold have long been seen as a safe haven in times of uncertainty, but investors know they also provide tremendous profit potential during times of market prosperity.
  • Gold is the most popular precious metal traded every day.
  • It is commonly used as a hedge against inflation.
  • But gold is also useful as an investment.
  • Gold has a variety of uses, including jewelry, electronics, and dentistry.

Precious metals such as gold have long been seen as a safe haven in times of uncertainty, but investors know they also provide tremendous profit potential during times of market prosperity. The precious metal's many uses and unique characteristics make it an ideal investment for many different types of investors, whether they're seeking short-term gains or long-term protections.

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Gold Bullion

Gold bullion is the purest form of gold. It is sold in bars or coins, and is valued based on weight. This form of gold is traded on the open market, and is often traded with the U.S. dollar.
Gold Bullion Bars
Gold bullion bars are the purest forms of gold that you will find. These bars contain one troy ounce of gold and are usually stamped with their purity. Most bars will have their weight stamped on them as well as their name, purity, and country of origin.
Stamping allows you to identify the purity of the gold. Each troy ounce of gold in the United States is stamped with a purity stamp. These stamps are usually hidden on the back of the bars.

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Gold Bullion Funds

Investing in gold through gold bullion funds is one of the most popular ways to own gold. These funds are similar to mutual funds in that they seek to maximize returns for investors. However, gold bullion funds offer investors the convenience of owning gold without having to deal with the storage and security of physical gold.

Free Gold IRA kit

Gold Bullion ETFs

Traded on the American Stock Exchange (AMEX) and the NYSE Arca (ARCA), Gold Bullion ETFs are increasingly popular due to their safety and liquidity. These funds invest in physical gold bullion in secure, insured vaults around the world, and their value stays stable, even when the stock market is volatile.

Physical Gold Bullion Coins
Physical gold bullion coins are also popular investments. These coins are minted from gold bullion and come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and denominations. Investors can buy gold bullion coins from mints, dealers, and banks, usually at a small premium over the spot price of gold.

Physical Gold Bullion Bars
Physical gold bullion bars are also popular. Some investors prefer gold bullion bars over coins because they are easier to store and come in a variety of sizes.

Gold Bullion Holding Trusts
Gold bullion holding trusts are another way to invest in physical gold bullion. These trusts provide investors with exposure to gold bullion by owning and trading physical gold bullion. They are less popular than ETFs or coins due to their low liquidity and higher fees.


As gold enthusiasts, we tend to be a bit paranoid. Gold coins, bars, and jewelry can take a beating, but should you ever lose them, it can be difficult to replace them.
While you can track gold ownership through bank records, it isn't always easy to tell if someone else has altered your records.
Gold can disappear, and theft can, unfortunately, occur.

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Gold is the world's most liquid asset. A passive, long-term investor with a fixed gold allocation can liquidate a portion of their position at any time without impacting their portfolio's performance.
Gold can be held as part of a diversified portfolio or as a hedge against inflation. Either way, its low correlation to stocks and bonds means it can add stability to your portfolio.
Gold is a safe haven asset. It's considered the most marketable asset in the world, and it's one of the most widely traded commodities. This makes it one of the safest investments.