Join the Guild Hall and Invest in Precious Metals

  • Gold and silver are precious metals and are generally bought for investment purposes.
  • Gold and silver can be bought as bullion, coins, or ingots.
  • These metals can also be purchased through funds, ETFs, and ETNs.
  • Buying gold and silver through funds or ETFs can be inexpensive and much easier to manage than having to hold physical metals. Investors can purchase gold and silver through exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and exchange-traded notes (ETNs).
  • These funds can be traded on the major exchanges, just like stocks.
  • Fs and ETNs are not subject to the same regulatory burdens as mutual or hedge funds. The ETFs and ETNs in this chapter offer exposure to gold and silver.
  • Many are passive funds, so they carry lower fees than active funds, but may not provide the same upside potential as active funds.

Investing in precious metals, such as gold and silver, has become a popular way to diversify your portfolio. Precious metals, unlike stocks and bonds, are not tied to any government or corporation. The value of precious metals is primarily based on supply and demand.
There are several ways to invest in precious metals. You can own the metals themselves, invest in companies mining the metals, or invest in funds that invest in both precious metals and stocks.

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How the Guild Hall Works

The Guild Hall is a space in the center of the city that allows players to interact with each other, share news about the game, and buy and sell resources.
The Guild Hall is a central hub for adventurers and merchants alike. Players can use its facilities to craft ore, refine metals, buy ore and metals, and repair their gear.
Each Guild Hall has its own distinct character that can be shaped and developed by its members.
The Guild Hall offers a variety of features, including:
Guild Halls-Each of which has its own special offerings, and Guild Halls create bonds between members

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Crafters and Merchants-Each Guild Hall has a designated Crafter and Merchant. The Crafter offers workshops for members to learn new recipes, while the Merchant sells items, provides trading opportunities, and restocks supplies

Housing-Players can store excess items, including supplies, in their Guild Hall's housing facilities

Guild Storage-Members of the same Guild can store items together

Skills-Players can learn skills in the Guild Hall's Skill Trainer

Guild Rewards-Each Guild Hall offers a unique reward. For example, The Guild Hall of Redridge offers access to its special Tier 1 Guild Hall

Marketplaces-Guild Halls permit buying and selling of items between players, and Marketplaces offer special prices for Guild members

Guild Bank-Guild Halls allow members to bank their items safely

How to Buy Precious Metals
Precious Metals such as gold, silver, and copper, can be acquired in a variety of ways, including:

Mining-Players can mine ore and metals from rocks.

Trading-Players can barter or trade items with other players or NPCs

Crafting-Players can craft items and sell them to other players or NPCs

Investing in Gold

Gold is the safest way to invest in an uncertain economy. Gold is immune to inflation and deflation, and its value increases during times of uncertainty. Gold prices skyrocketed during the 2008 financial crisis, and it's one of the safest assets to have in your portfolio.
Investing in Silver
Investing in silver is a great idea because it has risen to prominence in the most critical of times. Silver prices during the 2008 financial crisis also skyrocketed, therefore, it serves as a hedge against inflation.

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guild hall precious metals

Investing in Silver

As a denizen of the Guild Hall, you have access to the Silver Circle. The Silver Circle is a starter investing package that provides you with a Silver Savings Account (SSA) and Silver Bullion account. The SSA allows you to store silver in your guild and accrue interest over time. The Silver Bullion account gives you a physical silver bar that resides in your guild.
Gold also rests in the guild hall. The Gold Circle is a starter investing package that provides you with a Gold Savings Account (GASA) and Gold Bullion account. The GASA allows you to store gold in your guild and accrue interest over time. The Gold Bullion account gives you a physical gold bar that resides in your guild.